Nisus Writer Express Beta for OSX

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    Es wird Zeit, dass ich mir einen neuen, OS X fähigen, Rechner zulege, denn diese Email erreichte mich heute:

    From: Jerzy Lewak
    Subject: Nisus Writer Express Beta Release
    Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 22:21:59 -0700

    Dear Friends of Nisus,

    Today, we are releasing the first public beta of the new Nisus Writer Express for OSX. Thank you for your patience and perseverance in waiting for this release and your intention of helping us beta test.

    Now we must ask you for some more patience and perseverance in helping us flush-out the remaining bugs and put some finishing touches on the user interface.

    In addition we must ask those of you who have used Nisus Writer 6.5 (Classic) for many years and have become accustomed to its feel, feature set, and behavior, not to expect this new version to be a replica of the old.

    This first version, the Express version, is being released without many of the features, present in Nisus Writer 6.5 because of popular demand that something be released quickly.

    After final release of this version, we will be adding features frequently to satisfy your demands, but for now we must ask you to focus on helping us make this foundation version the best possible product. After that, we will be asking for your suggestions on further features and improvements.

    Had we ported Nisus Writer 6.5 as a Carbon version under OSX, you would have had a replica, but then we would not have been able to continue improving it and adding features quickly and you would not have been able to use the numerous special features and programs which work only with Cocoa applications.

    It is time to move to the new platform by making a clean break from the baggage of the old one, even if it means that you may have to wait a little for your favorite features and that some of the features implemented may need you to change the way you work.

    Thanks again for your support and understanding.

    You can download the Nisus Writer Express Public Beta from here:

    Jerzy Lewak

    CEO Nisus Software Inc.


    Eure Meinung zu diesem Prozessor fände ich sehr spannend, also bitte posten.

    Gruß, Matze Mumpitz

    Write different, Nisus!

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