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Nur für die total Kranken

Dieses Thema im Forum "Small Talk" wurde erstellt von gratefulmac, 2. April 2004.

  1. gratefulmac

    gratefulmac New Member

    >>Rolling Stones with Mick Tayor "Leave Preaching to the Preacher" 1972-1973

    The Rolling Stones
    Various Dates and Venues from 1972 & 1973
    "Leave Preaching to the PReacher"



    This is a unique collection of solos by Mick Taylor during the Rolling Stones 1972
    and 1973 tours. These are clips of the beautiful lead breaks from the song "You Can't Always Get What You
    Want" from 57 different shows, see below

    These are all of the "You Can't Always Get What You Want" solos that I have been able to
    compile from the touring years of 1972-1973. These solos are made up from sources of
    varying degrees of quality so fidelity is below standard on many of the solos. In other
    words if fidelity is your bag baby you'll for the most part be disappointed. They have been
    "tweaked" to insure the finest possible sound from the source and they have all been speed
    and pitch-corrected. Keep in mind that the purpose of this is to document for history the
    great compositional skills of Mick Taylor during this period. Each solo is unique. These are
    arranged in chronological order so that the listener can get an idea of how the solo evolved
    over time (all within a year and a half). On most nights the solo was great but there are a
    few that are not stellar (Charlotte for example). I am a guitarist and it is difficult for me to
    imagine that any non-musician would enjoy over 2 1/2 hours of the same solo on the same
    song; maybe I'm wrong. These are beautiful solos.
    There are too many stand out solos to mention, in fact most are, but just listen to
    Pittsburgh, Brussels, Washington D.C, London (on the 8th) and my favorite Essen (on the 10th) to name a few.
    These are but a small sampling of an entire body of work of great moments. Mick Taylor
    always seems to be able to add something fresh to each solo. Listen to the end of the
    Hawaii 1-21-73 solo (at about the 1:20 sec mark). I am sure that each of you will have your
    own favorites but sit back and listen and understand that it is the norm for Mick Taylor to
    have some unique section of each solo, which is utterly amazing. Because of the era we
    have no audio record of most great composers of the past. We are very fortunate to have an
    audio record of Mick Taylor during this period. I have enjoyed immensely compiling these
    solos, I hope you have a fraction of that enjoyment listening to them. Disc 1 contains the
    1972 tour and the Winter tour of 1973. Disc 2 contains the Australian and European tours
    of 1973. Keep in mind that these 51 solos are but 63% of the shows during those tours.
    There are others out there. . .
    Note: Most of the Sax solos on the 1973 tour have been edited out. Any comments or
    criticism or if you want to sue me; contact me at Fendert@aol.com

    Artwork included

    Since this was completed a few years ago a few new shows and better sources have been found
    and they are here and lised with a -1 after the title. If anyone who already has this only
    wants the additional songs I'll post just those. Enjoy<<

    gefunden im Sharing the groove forum
  2. Rotweinfreund

    Rotweinfreund + Jevers Liebhaber

    …apropos krank: wie geht 's dem iMac?
  3. gratefulmac

    gratefulmac New Member

    Der wurde erst einmal schlafen gelegt.
    Damit werden wir uns am wochenende beschäftigen.
  4. danilatore

    danilatore Moderatore Mitarbeiter

    >> Nur für die total Kranken
    DO NOT CONVERT TO .MP3 (863mb)

    und? bist du so ein kranker?;)
  5. gratefulmac

    gratefulmac New Member

    Natürlich konvertiere ich nicht in mp3,
    sondern bleibe bei flac und shn.
  6. danilatore

    danilatore Moderatore Mitarbeiter

    was ist denn "flac" und "shn"?

  7. gratefulmac

    gratefulmac New Member

  8. danilatore

    danilatore Moderatore Mitarbeiter

    super, danke für die links.
    werde mich, wenn ich ein wenig
    zeit habe, mal damit beschäftigen.

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