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  1. zerooo

    zerooo New Member

    hallo zusammen,

    ich möchte das adressbuch und die mails von outlook expr (pc) auf meinen imac importieren, habe es auf dem konventionellen wege versucht (also per befehl import), was aber nicht funktioniert hat.

    hat eventuell jemand eine idee?

  2. Lars

    Lars New Member

    Zufall: das hier hab ich in der Microsoft-Outlook-Newsgroup gefunden:

    After playing and playing with the darned import options offered in OE 5 for
    Mac, I finally found a way to import my contacts from my Outlook 97/98 on
    the PC at work. The following are the steps it takes...

    1. Export your contacts (only one contact folder at a time) from the PC,
    making sure to save it as a CSV file.

    2. Open the file on your Mac with a text editor or Excel.

    3. Perform a FIND/REPLACE on all semi-colons (;). <THESE ARE WHAT CAUSE

    4. If you see ANY little boxes within the text, you must delete those as
    well. They are return characters so replace them with a return.
    FIND/REPLACE will not allow you to copy & paste that character into the
    window, so you will have to manually find and delete each one, replacing it
    with a return.

    5. Save the file, again as a CSV file.

    6. Import your new file into OE for Mac.

    This worked for me. It was very tedious and time consuming as I had a lot
    of those return key characters that I had to replace manually. At this
    point, everyone should be very much aware that Microsoft has undoubtedly
    made this process intentionally difficult for us. I'm definitely hoping
    that Entourage will be fully compatible. If not, we should all scream at MS
    for shoddy integration efforts.

    Good luck
    Rogers, AR

    > From: Todd Mason <todd@buerger.com>
    > Newsgroups: microsoft.public.internet.mail.mac
    > Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 14:17:08 -0400
    > Subject: Importing from Outlook 98
    > If anyone can please help, it would be greatly appreciated.
    > I have exported the Personal folders file from Outlook 98 on my old PC but
    > cannot find a way to import this into the Outlook Express Version 5.02 for
    > Mac. Is my situation hopeless.
    > Thanks, you may also reply to my e-mail address todd@buerger.com
    > Todd Mason

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