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    habt Ihr die Warnung schon gesehen: st.clair software streut diese Meldung

    We're trying to get word out to as many users as possible about a major
    compatibility problem with Default Folder X 1.8 and earlier. If you are
    running Default Folder X and upgrade your machine with Mac OS X Panther,
    the next time you log in, all applications will crash when you launch them.
    We very much regret this situation, and want to help anyone who encounters
    the problem.


    1) If you have not yet upgraded to Panther, download version 1.9.1 of
    Default Folder X and install it immediately. The upgrade is free, and
    available from:


    2) If you or someone you know has already installed Panther and been
    bitten by this bug, you must log in with the shift key down to prevent
    Default Folder X from launching at login time. Once you've done that, you
    can disable Default Folder X in System Preferences by turning off its
    "Launch at Login" option. You can then download the update listed above
    and install it.

    na denn...
    take care

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