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    für einige Safari-Probleme gibt es jetzt Abhilfe:



    Safari Enhancer is an application for enabling several hidden features of the Safari webbrowser beta. Safari Enhancer currently enables three things:

    1. The debug menu. This menu appears in the Safari menubar and has a number of useful options, such as changing what browser Safari identifies itself as, changing how Safari handles security certificates, and opening the currently loaded webpage in any other browser you have on your mac.

    2. Minimum font sizes. Safari Enhancer will allow you to specify a minimum size for page fonts to be displayed at. Very useful for thos of use with bad eyesight.

    3. Internet Explorer bookmark importing. The first time you run Safari, it automatically imports all your Internet Explorer favourites. With Safari Enhancer, you can do this again after the first launch (convienent for the Chimera-to-IE-to-Safari trick for importing Chimera bookmarks).

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