Saving sent files with same name!!

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  1. hayesmic

    hayesmic New Member

    Hi all hope you don´t mind me writing in English!
    Since I´ve been using Mac os x I´ve realised that when I send a file eg photoshop to another computer over a network the person on that computer can open that file, work on it, but can´t save it under the same name !! Why is that??? You can only do it when you go into the info and unlock the file before opening it! Does anybody know how to turn off this feature!!
  2. ab

    ab New Member

    Sounds like you r sending locked files in the first place.

    Try sending one to yourself and check. Let us know.

  3. hayesmic

    hayesmic New Member

    hi thxs or the anwser! How do I send a file to myself???????

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