Searching for 'not contains' in iCal/Alternative for listing all items

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    is there a way to specify a search item in iCal that uses 'does not contain <anyString>' ? I want to list all events. When I am using double quotes ("") or dot (.), both do not really list all events perfectly, some are missing. But I can query those missing events directly via search, so I am sure that the index is working and those missing events are in the index list. So the joker (double quotes or dot) is not working thoroughly.

    Now, my attempt to get a list of all event is to search for something like 'show me all events that does not contain "xyz" ' or any other strange string. Since none of my events will contain this string, alle events should be displayed.

    Anyone is experienced with calender search expression?

    My Specs: MacOS Sierra 10.12.2, iCal 9.0 (2155.15).


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