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    Shortcuts for freeze

    Action Shortcut

    Stop process Command + period
    Force quit Application Command + Option + Escape
    Force restart Command + Ctrl + Power key

    Shortcuts for taking Pictures of the Screen

    Action saves to Shortcut

    Whole screen TIFF file on Desktop Command + Shift + 3
    Part of the screen TIFF file on Desktop Command + Shift + 4
    Whole screen Clipboard Ctrl + Command + Shift + 3
    Part of the screen Clipboard Ctrl + Command + Shift + 4

    Shortcuts for Starting up

    Action Shortcut

    Close open windows Shift
    Start up from CD c
    Select start up disk Option
    Reset Parameter RAM Command + Option + p + r
    Start in verbose mode Command + v
    Start in single user mode Command + s
    Open Firmware Command + Shift + o + f
    Firewire connection t

    Finder shortcuts

    Action Shortcut

    Hide Finder Command + h
    Hide Others Command + Option + h
    Empty Trash Command + Shift + Delete
    Empty Trash (without dialog) Command + Option + Shift + Delete
    Get info (static window) Command + i
    Get info (dynamic window) Command + Option + i
    Find ... Command + f
    Eject Command + e
    Show View Options Command + j
    Go to Computer Command + Shift + c
    Go to Home Command + Shift + h
    Go to iDisk Command + Shift + i
    Go to Applications Command + Shift + a
    Go to Favorites Command + Shift + f
    Go to Folder ... Command + Shift + g
    Connect to Server ... Command + k
    Log Out ... Command + Shift + q
    Log Out (without dialog) Command + Option + Shift + q

    Shortcuts for icons in the Finder

    Action Shortcut

    Select next icon Arrow keys
    Select icon by the first letter Letter key
    Select next (alphabetically) Tab
    Add icon to selection Shift + click
    Select adjacent icons (list view) Shift + click
    Select non-adjacent icons (list view) Command + click
    Edit icon name Return

    Shortcuts for files and folders

    Action Shortcut

    Copy an item Option + drag
    Duplicate Command + d
    Create Alias (drag) Command + Option + drag
    Create Alias (Command) Command + l (L)
    Show original Command + r
    Add to Favorites Command + t
    Align items Command + drag
    Open folder in separate window Command + double-click
    Open item Command + Down Arrow
    Close folder (go to the folder above) Command + Up Arrow
    Open folder (in list view) Option + Right Arrow
    Close folder (in list view) Option + Left Arrow
    Open all folders in selected folder (in list view) Command + Option + Right Arrow
    Close all folders in selected folder (in list view) Command + Option + Left Arrow
    Delete item Command + Delete

    Shortcuts for windows

    Action Shortcut

    New Finder window Command + n
    Close front window Command + w
    Minimize front window Command + m
    Close all windows Option + click close button
    Minimize all windows Option + click minimize button
    Fit to screen Option + click zoom button
    Hide Application Option + click (Desktop, Dock item, ...)
    Move an inactive window Command + drag window
    See path Command + press window title
    View as Icons Command + 1
    View as List Command + 2
    View as Column Command + 3
    Hide / Show Toolbar Command + b

    Shortcuts for the dock

    Action Shortcut

    Show item in Finder Command + click dock item
    Switch to dock (full keyboard access) Ctrl + d
    Navigate (full keyboard access) Arrow Left, Arrow Right or
    Tab, Shift + Tab
    Open item Space, Return, Enter

    Shortcuts for user processes

    Action Shortcut

    Browse active user processes Command + Tab
    Browse backwards Command + Shift + Tab

    Shortcuts for dialogs

    Action Shortcut

    Select next area Tab
    Default button Return or Enter
    Close dialog Esc or Command + period
    Select folders above or below (Save, Open) Up Arrow, Down Arrow
    Scroll up (list) Page up
    Scroll down (list) Page down

    Full keyboard access

    Action Shortcut

    Turn on full keyboard access Ctrl + F1
    Any control in dialogs and windows Ctrl + F7

    Highlight next control Tab
    Highlight next control (text box) Ctrl + Tab
    Highlight next window Command + `
    Highlight item in list, tab group or menu Arrow keys
    Move sliders and spin buttons Arrow keys
    Highlight control adjacent to a text box Ctrl + Arrow keys

    Select highlighted item Space bar
    Default click or action Return or Enter
    Click Cancel button Esc
    Close menu without choosing an item Esc
    Reverse the order of moving the highlight Shift + "key"

    Action (with Function keys) Shortcut

    Menu bar Ctrl + F2
    Dock Ctrl + F3
    Browse windows Ctrl + F4 (Ctrl + Shift + F4)
    Toolbar Ctrl + F5
    Utility window Ctrl + F6

    Action (with Letter keys) Shortcut

    Menu bar Ctrl + m
    Dock Ctrl + d
    Browse windows Ctrl + w (Ctrl + Shift + w)
    Toolbar Ctrl + t
    Utility window Ctrl + u

    Shortcuts for Mouse Keys (Must be activated in "Universal Access")

    Action Shortcut

    Use Mouse Key on/off Option (five times)
    (Must be activated in "Universal Access")

    Move up 8
    Move down 2
    Move left 4
    Move right 6
    Move diagonally 1,3,7,9
    Click 5
    Hold down 0

    (If you don't have a numeric keypad, press the fn key + "number")
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    wobei Command Shift 3 + 4 eben unter Jaguar kein TIFF mehr, sondern ein PDF anlegt. Was ich persönlich "behoben" haben möchte! Ist doch ein Witz, ein Screenshot (pixelding) als PDF zu speichern, was soll das?... die würden besser JPG nehmen!
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