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  1. nanoloop

    nanoloop Active Member

    Neu in dieser Version ist:

    feature: Audio preferences: set sound devices for input and output
    feature: Skype will automatically set your online status to "Away" and "Not Available" after your Mac has been idle for specified number of minutes
    feature: rendezvous browser for finding local skypers
    feature: Skype Help command of Help menu now shows help page in WWW browser (earlier it just issued an alert)
    change: opening context menu in contact list or call list also selects the item (on which the command-click was performed) in the list
    change: misc error numbers shown in drawer
    change: several items added to main menu, also validation of main menu items has been improved
    change: remove contact or delete calls by pressing backspace
    bugfix: it's possible to hang up a call by clicking the hang up button in IM window toolbar, even when the call with this user is not selected in drawer
    bugfix: extended the phone number field in drawer
    bugfix: double-clicking on column headers in the call list will not initiate a call anymore
    bugfix: total online user count is updated more frequently and the format follows user defaults
    bugfix: while renaming a contact, pressing "Return" commits new nickname (displayname)
    bugfix: authorization did not work when remote user sent auth requests from different machines
    bugfix: when adding a new contact from the call list, the send authorization dialog will be opened as well
    bugfix: Forgot Password link in login dialog is now functional
    bugfix: incoming auth request now will authorize again if the remote user seemed already authorized
    bugfix: outgoing file transfers sometimes had garbage displayed in window
    bugfix: File transfer showed 982hours remaining when the actual estimated end time was not known. Now it does not show anything.
    bugfix: Skype will not forget your saved username and password when you get "Server Connect Failed" error at login
    bugfix: if you submit a regular phone number into the address field, Skype will attempt to call, even when you have set "Send IM on double-click" in the preferences
    bugfix: phone number of a SkypeOut contact shown properly in the contact view in the drawer and in the remote profile panel
    bugfix: fixed a bug, where Skype came up all white and one could not answer calls when switching from another application
    bugfix: when adding a SkypeOut contact from call list, then a dialog is shown, where one can specify a nickname for that contact
    bugfix: SkypeOut upsell message shown on My Skype tab, if current user has no SkypeOut privileges
    bugfix: active call will not lose focus in the drawer, when current user changes his/her online status
    bugfix: call buttons will not get disabled, when switching to Dial tab
    bugfix: focus will not jump to contact list or call list after hanging up a call which was initated from the address line
    bugfix: inconsistency in showing info about SkypeOut calls
    bugfix: ctrl-click or right-click did not select row in Search table
    bugfix: improved iSight compatibility
    bugfix: SkypeOut contacts sorted by displayname, not by phone number
    bugfix: sometimes incoming auth request message was not visible
  2. mac-bitch

    mac-bitch New Member

    feature: runs on Tiger (Mac OS 10.4)
    feature: conference calling
    bugfix: ALT-RETURN inserted line feed into search string in simple search
    bugfix: a click anywhere in the About window will close it
    known issue: impossible to add SkypeOut contact from conference call start dialogue (can be added to active conference from context menu)

    Juchhu conference:)
  3. der Maler

    der Maler New Member

    Skype finde ich echt cool,da die Macs ja eingebaute Mikros etc. haben,macht das echt Spass.
    Wie wäre es mit einer Namensliste?:party:
  4. lateralformats

    lateralformats New Member

    Ich muß beim Powerbook einen Kopfhörer benutzen; das Micro nimmt das vom Gesprächspartner durch den Lautsprecher ausgegebene Signal wieder auf und erzeugt einen Hall- beim Gesprächspartner. Aber ich hab mir vorgenommen ein Bluetooth-Headset zu kaufen, wenn es denn doch mal mehr Leute geben sollte, mit denen man per Skype tefleroniert.
  5. x-man

    x-man New Member

    ist nur echt schade, das skype out conference (noch) nicht geht ... auf dem PC kann man damit auch schon so praktisch ne Telco zu Festnetztelefonen aufbauen
  6. mac-bitch

    mac-bitch New Member

    Lol, kein Bock gehabt meinen Beitrag zu lesen???

    :D :D :D
  7. x-man

    x-man New Member

    lol .. dabei hatte ich nur den letzten Satz nicht gelesen ;-)

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