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    Hello everyone, I am the developer of Pagico(more details:

    For now we need a volunteer who can help making the german localization(translate words from english to german).

    We've built an easy-to-use system for users to translate the words.

    In return, we'll provide a license($29.95) to the volunteer who have finished making this localization, free of charge.

    There are about 200 words left to translate(we've had someone done some already in the past), and translating these words shouldn't take more than 3 hours, if you can speak english and german well.

    A volunteer needs to be:
    - Fluency in speaking english and german;
    - Familiar with german language in software(words are used on software interfaces, so they have to be accurate and easy-to-understand)

    Get back to me via e-mail at: if you're interested.

    Thank you so much.

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