spymac-> realplayer: offen wie ein scheunentor...

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  1. garymueller

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    soeben auf spymac gelesen:

    Breaking: RealPlayer security flaws affect Macs

    33 minutes ago - eEye Digital Security has uncovered security holes affecting a wide range of RealNetworks' media players. Researchers have found numerous security flaws in client software over the past few weeks, with such bugs being difficult to patch as a result of the sheer number of desktops in use. The bug affects several versions of RealPlayer and RealOne Player on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux with vulnerabilities being revealed in WinAmp, WinZip and Apple's iChat messaging program. According to TechWorld, the most serious of the three new bugs involves malformed calls, and could be exploited via a player embedded in a malicious site to execute arbitrary code."
  2. jugestylz

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    jo cool .. hab mir gedacht, dass da was kommen würde in solch ne richtung .. dacht aber nicht, dass gleich alle player auf allen systemen betroffen sind .. hoffentlich kann apple dadraus einen positiven nutzen ziehen wenn sie es geschickt anstellen.

    delete real.

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