Superdrive A107 updatebar auf offizielle Vers. 1.16

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    Edited OS X DVR-107 Firmware Updater Script for v1.16 Firmware Flash - Several readers wrote to ask how to use the (French site) OS X Pioneer DVR-107 updater with the latest (official) Pioneer 1.16 firmware. The earlier news post was updated to include a link to a ZIP file of the (PC) 1.16 firmware download which can be used with the OS X updater after modifying the command script to call for the correct file. It's easy to do this but since several people asked, here's what I did to flash my DVR-107D drive (from 1.13 to 1.16) by modifying the OS X updater script and using the 1.16 firmware file from the PC ZIP file download.

    • Download both the DVR-107 OS X flasher (.sit file) from and the 1.16 firmware zip file and unstuff both.

    • Copy the 1.16 firmware file (R7100107.116) to the OS X Pioneer flasher folder.

    • Edit the "Pioneer DVR-107 Updater" script included with the OS X updater (Right Click/Cntl-Click on the file and choose "open with" - I used BBEdit Lite for OS X but TextEdit should also work):
    In the Echo section (menu/option text) change the Official Firmware version from 1.15 to 1.16 (not required but just makes the terminal text option match the firmware file version.)
    In the CHOICE section, option 2 line, change the "General" (firmware) filename suffix from .115 to .116 (Do not change the "Kernel" filename/suffix.)
    Save the file

    • Double Click on the Updater script which will launch the terminal and follow the prompts (selecting Option 2 to flash the 1.16 firmware)

    • Be patient (there's about a 30 sec delay before the start of the 1.16 firmware flash) and don't interrupt the process.

    • After the update is complete (script text reports this), quit the terminal and reboot.

    • Check Apple System Profiler ATA section to verify the DVR-107D revision (Firmware) is reported as v1.16.

    If you don't want to bother editing the script yourself, here's a ZIP file download of the script I edited. (You still need the 1MB v1.16 firmware file and OS X updater downloads linked above.) I don't currently have any 8x rated discs, but I had hoped v1.16 would allow me to select higher than 4x rates in Toast 6.0.5 with some 4x rated TDK DVD+Rs but it doesn't. (My PX-708A and NEC ND-2500A does allow selecting at least 6x rates with these discs.)

    Note: Although later versions are said to have better compatibility with some brands of 8x rated media, remember the (official) 1.16 firmware isn't region-free and doesn't have the 12x ripping speed of the modified (unofficial) 1.13 firmware.

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