The future of the 5GB iPod

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    s music player will soon ship with a wired remote and custom tailored case -- the same accessories that currently are packaged with the two more expensive models.

    As to whether the moving wheel in the $299 model will be replaced with the new touch-sensitive solid-state mechanism, our informant admits no reliable information of such a move, but speculates that the switch is inevitable.

    The iPod has seen fierce competition from other hard disk based MP3 players that feature lower price tags (and arguably inferior aesthetics), though sales of Apple's first Digital Lifestyle Device continue to be impressively strong.

    The iPod celebrated its first birthday in October and collected $143 million in net sales in 2002.
  2. oli2000

    oli2000 Rest-Optimist

    Und die Quelle ist Danke. Bitte.

    PS: Wenn der 5er bleibt, dann heißt das wohl, dass Toshiba erstmal keine 1,5"-Platten über 20 GB bauen wird.
  3. nanoloop

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    A spy doesn´t have a ©. *grins*

    Ich befürchte fast dein P.S. könnte korrekt sein und das, wo ich doch auf den 80GB ipod warte *double grins*
  4. oli2000

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    Sobald iTunes und das OS des iPod AAC beherrschen wirst du nicht mehr genug Musik haben, um damit 20 GB zu füllen.
  5. newby

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    was ist AAC ???
  6. sevenm

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