The Technicolor Web of Sound

Dieses Thema im Forum "Small Talk" wurde erstellt von TOCAMAC, 14. März 2005.


    TOCAMAC Alles wird gut.

    Das Webradio ist ja echt der Hammer. Da kommt ja nur das allerobskurste Sixties-Psychedelic-Zeugs...:

    Die letzten Songs:

    Love - The Daily Planet / Current Song
    Cykle - Walkout Of My Mind
    Jefferson Airplane - High Flyin' Bird [Live 5/67]
    The Byrds - Never Before
    Wimple Winch - Save My Soul
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Castles Made Of Sand
    The Pretty Things - She Says Good Morning
    The Kinks - Animal Farm
    Acid Talk - LSD Warning
    Ultimate Spinach - Mind Flowers
    The Association - Wantin' Ain't Gettin'
    Orpheus - Borneo
    Big Brother & The Holding Company - Easy Rider
    The Mojo Men - Why Can't You Stay
    The Cryan' Shames - Ben Franklin's Almanac
    Dragonfly - She Don't Care
    Canterbury Fair - Song On A May Morning
    The Ugly Ducklings - Just In Case You Wonder
    Harry Harrison - 'The In-Sound' (Interview With Jimi Hendrix)
    Movie Ad - 'A Guide For The Married Man'
    Bobby Shoomer - Wild Root 360 Ad
    Craig - I Must Be Mad



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