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  1. JuliaB

    JuliaB New Member

    Hab ich gerade bei den Machern von SuperDuper gefunden:

    "We've just reproduced a bug in Tiger's image handling that all SuperDuper! users should be aware of.

    Basically, if you create a sparse image in Tiger and back up to it, everything is fine. You can unmount it, and the file size is as you'd expect.

    If, however, the image is significantly larger than 1GB and you try to mount it, Tiger will destroy it, and set its size to 1008MB.

    I cannot recommend that you rely on any application, including SuperDuper!, that uses images until this Tiger bug is fixed.

    Please, be careful -- and tell others to be careful too!"

    Kann jemand dieses Verhalten bestätigen?
    Und betrifft das alle images oder nur sparse images?


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