Trouble updating via PPPoE (ADSL)

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  1. dmerth

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    Moin, moin,

    hatte auch Probleme beim Update mit DSL,
    fand folgendes bei MacFixIt:

    "A workaround:
    When doing software update over DSL via PPPoE, if the update panel indicates that it will shut down all applications and then download, it will quit the PPPoE thus disconnecting the DSL-link.
    However, if you first bring the PPPoE application up front and then do a force quit (Apple-option-escape), it shuts down the application but leaves the DSL link open.
    Then go back to software update and select OK.
    The application sets up the link, but then plays no role other than a status monitor and to shut down the link on quit."

    Es funktioniert.

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