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    Ulysses 1.2 out now!
    We have just released Ulysses 1.2, sporting a bunch of additions and enhancements. So update right away, or... read on.
    "Stop looking. Start finding."
    Ulysses 1.2 ships with a Spotlight plug-in for Apple's latest OS "Tiger". So you can now watch those tiny orange icons populate your search results.
    Brand-new SplitViews
    That's right. Curtesy of Rainer Brockerhoff come the greatest splits you've ever experienced. Apart from just working like splits should — remembering positions, moving without jumping — they enable you to completely hide both browser/preview and notes/control panel areas.
    Fullscreen to the fullest
    Looks like it hasn't changed a bit, but boy, it did: Typewriter scrolling, line spacing, completely new core. Need we say more? (We should stop rhyming, that's for sure.)


    Die suchen übrigens noch Icon-Designer...suj, donald - wie wär 's???


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