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  1. MILE

    MILE New Member

    ' and it
    will not pass through normal custom/airport screening
    and clearance.

    Our inability to move this money out of Congo all this
    while lies on our lack of trust on our supposed good
    friends (western countries) who suddenly became
    hostile to those of us who worked with the late
    President Kabila, immediately after his son took
    office. Though we have neither seen nor met each
    other, the information We gathered from an associate
    who has worked in your country has encouraged and
    convinced us that with your sincere assistance, this
    transaction will be properly handled with modesty and
    honesty to a huge success within two weeks. The said
    money is a state fund and therefore requires a total

    Thus, if you are willing to assist us move this fund
    out of Congo, you can contact me through my email
    address above with your telephone, fax
    number and personal information to enable us discuss
    the modalities and what will be your share
    (percentage) for assisting us.

    I must use this opportunity and medium to implore you
    to exercise the utmost indulgence to keep this matter
    extraordinarily confidential, Whatever your decision,
    while I await your prompt response. Thank you and God

    Best Regards
  2. maiden

    maiden Lever duat us slav

    das ist die Nigeria-Connection. Kriminelle Organisation. Zockt nur ab.
  3. macixus

    macixus Hofrat & Traktorist

    Gab's mal vor längerer Zeit eine Artikelserie in der SZ - hochinteressant, wieviele drauf reinfallen (Akademiker an der Spitze...).
  4. MILE

    MILE New Member

    Naja, das das eine Abzocke ist, sollte ja wohl klar sein...dennoch finde ich es erstaunlich, was alles versucht wird...

    Und wieso eigentlich Nigeria-Connection...?! Der gute Colonel kommt doch aus dem Kongo...?! ;+)

    ciao, MILE

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