Warnung: Don't run your MacBook without batteries

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  1. maccelerator

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    When you disconect the battery from your MacBook/Pro the system send a signal to the processor to get into thermal protection, the processor get down to minimum frequency. Intel stated that this never will happend for a long time and have to be canceled after a sort period or your processor will be damaged.**
    This is a serius hardware bug on the MacBooks and have to be addressed by Apple.

    **From Intel Processors reference documentation

    Quelle: http://www.increw.com/the_news/latest_news/dont_run_your_macbook_without_batteries.html

    Ob das für den MacBook Pro wohl auch gilt?
  2. sahomuzi

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    Der Text gilt für beide Notebook Linien. ;)
  3. danilatore

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