Was geht da nachher ab?

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  1. Macowski

    Macowski New Member

    "Apple is holding a Press Conference on Sunday, April 6th between 12noon and 1pm Pacific Time at the National Association of Broadcasters.
    Announcements are expected. "

    Ist bei uns doch 21 Uhr, oder ?
  2. gratefulmac

    gratefulmac New Member

    Kommt dann dieses ominöse BezahlApp für Musikfreunde ?

    April haben wir jetzt.
  3. Hottehue

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  4. pewe2000

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    Steve gibt die feindliche Übernahme von Microsoft bekannt.
    Das alte Microsoft-Management bekommt neue Positionen im Konzern. Gates soll neuer Pförtner (lat. anus) werden und eine noch abschreckendere Brille bekommen.
  5. eman

    eman New Member

    > BezahlApp für Musikfreunde?

    Oh, toll. Supie, supie. Juhuu. Klasse, ey. Mensch, da habe ich ja schon lange drauf gewartet ;-)
  6. Convenant

    Convenant Haarfestiger

    Du auch? Ich freu mich schon total auf pay per hear!
  7. terkil

    terkil Gast

    Neuer iMac !


    Tja, das Bild ist echt. Ist aber ein Fernsehgerät der Fa. Loewe. Haben frech abgekupfert bei Apple und aus Cube und iMac nen Fernseher gebastelt. Das Teil nennt sich Mimo 32. Ist im neuen "Spiegel" zu sehen, auf Seite 2.
  8. eman

    eman New Member

  9. Macowski

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  10. BlingBlongs

    BlingBlongs New Member

    Hmm! Kann man die SW umsonst laden?


  11. gratefulmac

    gratefulmac New Member

    Apple?s Final Cut Pro Leads a Host of Innovative Professional Video Solutions Based on Open Standards

    NAB, LAS VEGAS?April 6, 2003?Apple?s Final Cut Pro®, the Emmy award-winning video and film editing software, is leading the emergence of a new ecosystem of professional video solutions based on open formats and industry standards. Apple?s introduction of Final Cut Pro 4, with an innovative open XML file format and FireWire® based I/O framework, is supported by announcements from Panasonic, AJA, Automatic Duck, Quantel, Pinnacle, Omneon and Curious Graphics.

    ?An incredibly vibrant ecosystem is quickly making Final Cut Pro the best video editing platform across the industry,? said Philip Schiller, Apple?s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. ?Apple continues to invest in technologies such as XML, FireWire and industry standards that open Final Cut Pro?s architecture and help drive further innovation throughout this ecosystem.?
    ?We are excited that Apple?s Final Cut Pro 4 has native 24-frame support for Panasonic?s AG-DVX100 and in an industry first, Apple and Panasonic have worked to deliver 50 Mbps 4:2:2 quality video over FireWire,? said Stuart English, vice president of marketing, Panasonic Broadcast. ?Our DVCPRO50 customers can now edit in the highest quality 4:2:2 video at low data rates and take advantage of all the innovative new features and functionality of Final Cut Pro 4.?

    ?AJA and Apple worked together to combine our leading hardware manufacturing experience with Apple?s new Final Cut Pro 4 capabilities to deliver SD Video over FireWire,? said John Abt, AJA Video Systems? president. ?This is the first solution that allows broadcast professionals to use 400MB FireWire to bring any uncompressed, standard definition format video in or out of a Mac with video and audio monitoring.?

    ?Using Final Cut Pro?s increasingly open architecture, new APIs and the upcoming XML interchange format, Automatic Duck will be delivering the first XML plug-in for Final Cut Pro 4,? said Wes Plate, Automatic Duck Inc.?s president. ?With our new AAF import/export components, this means video professionals will soon have a seamless, powerful workflow that will allow Final Cut Pro 4 project data to interact directly with high-end finishing systems.?

    ?Quantel is working with Apple and Automatic Duck to ensure that the AAF plug-in will take essential project data from Final Cut Pro 4 directly into an online session using Quantel?s powerful hardware-based finishing systems,? said Nigel Turner, Quantel?s director of marketing. ?This will bring post professionals the best of both worlds?the most popular editing software on fast, flexible Macs and powerful hardware-based finishing systems from Quantel. This is what the industry is demanding. Those who don?t commit to this kind of open platform risk becoming an island.?

    ?Final Cut Pro 4 and Pinnacle System?s CinéWave 4 provide a tremendous number of real-time effects for both online and offline editing in many formats including Photo-JPEG, DV and uncompressed 8-, 10-, and 16-bit SD video-with all formats even playing out from the same timeline,? said Laurin Herr, Pinnacle?s vice president and general manager for Editing. ?For CinéWave 4, Pinnacle is enhancing standard definition and high definition projects with incredible new real-time keyframeable video tools and sophisticated audio capabilities including eight tracks of audio out. Thanks to Apple?s open architecture and the power of Pinnacle?s TARGA CinéEngine, we can deliver all our new features and functionality without needing to make changes to the underlying hardware. The latest and greatest CinéWave features are just a software upgrade away?even when using SD and HD in the same system.?

    ?The Omneon and Final Cut Pro combination provides broadcast facilities with an easy and flexible solution for collaborative production,? said Larry Kaplan, Omeon?s president and CEO. ?Omneon embraced Apple?s QuickTime file system wrapper when developing our Media Server System and as a result are able to provide seamless integration with Final Cut Pro for our ?Edit in Place? feature. Final Cut Pro running on a Macintosh G4 provides a lower per seat cost than any other system or platform and a powerful, flexible solution as compared to proprietary news editing devices.?

    ?Curious gFx marks our return to the high-end graphics application space and the Mac platform is the best and first place to start,? said Gareth Griffith, co-founder of Curious Software. ?Mac OS X?s advanced OpenGL implementation and the G4 Velocity Engine have allowed us to bring a fully integrated high-performance multi-layered paint, rotoscoping, animation and compositing system to the best desktop graphics machines. gFx Pro and Apple?s Final Cut Pro combine to make a powerful graphics workflow that was until now only available on much more expensive systems.?

    Apple ignited the personal computer revolution in the 1970s with the Apple II and reinvented the personal computer in the 1980s with the Macintosh. Apple is committed to bringing the best personal computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, software and Internet offerings.

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