Wer Mädchen sucht

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  1. maceddy

    maceddy New Member

    wird hier fündig.


    Privet, dear

    I always dreamt of a knight who would come and rescue me from my sadness and
    I am certainly not a silly little girl any more, however, in some meaning I
    still believe that man of my desire and my dreams will come into my life and
    into my heart.
    I have the feeling of confidence that you've got the features of a real
    knight, and You can win my heart! I really count on your honor and honesty,
    my dear. I wish I can say "My Lord" to you, and if you wish to say "My
    Lady" to me, you can find my castle at http://yourukrainebridesonline.info/?idAff=101 where I am
    sitting by the window in the top of a tower, looking into far away and
    waiting for you:

    See you

  2. batrat

    batrat Wolpertinger

    Ach, ich hab noch 2 Thailänderinnen hier. Die sind noch gut. :teufel:
  3. ghostgerd

    ghostgerd New Member

    hast du es gut :) :eek:) :geifer:

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