wieviel Arbeitsspeicher kann Photoshop verwalten?

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  1. wasweissich

    wasweissich New Member

    Habe heute meinen G5 bekommen (jubel!) mit reichlich Speicher. Photoshop cs sagt in den Voreinstellungen das "nur" 1800 mb verfügbar sind. Vorhanden sind aber 3584 mb.
    Hat jemand ´ne Idee?

    Danke im Voraus
  2. petervogel

    petervogel Active Member

    soweit ich das mitbekommen habe, kann photoshop wohl nur 2 GB an arbeitsspeicher verwalten. das sollte auf deinem G5 aber auch dicke für alles reichen;)
  3. wasweissich

    wasweissich New Member

    Danke für die Antwort, wo steht das?
    Habe leider mit Dateien zwischen 500-1200mb zu tun,
    da nervt es schon wenn ich ständig entleeren muß.
  4. ab

    ab New Member

    im adobe forum wurde das gerade diskutiert:

    I just got a new dual 2g G5 with 2.5g of ram. The activity monitor says i have 2.02 free, but Photoshop CS says i ahve only 1813mg available. Is this normal. What % should I usr for Photoshop if I do not plan on running any other apps?


    Buko - 06:24am Mar 16, 2004 Pacific (#1 of 6)

    Because of the limitation of the OS you can only have 2 gig of RAM allocated to any one app. with 2.5 gig you can allocate 100% to PS CS if you want.

    steve peters - 10:23am Mar 16, 2004 Pacific (#2 of 6)

    It is not even giving me that. It says that there is only 1.8g available. Is this normal? Can I assign %100 of that?

    Ian Lyons - 10:26am Mar 16, 2004 Pacific (#3 of 6)

    1.8 is a guess based upon the assumption that 2GB is all you can have/use. Set it to 100% and ignore the numerical feedback.

    Chris Cox - 02:59pm Mar 16, 2004 Pacific (#4 of 6)

    Also, the OS and binaries take up some memory - so the full 2 Gig is never really available.

    Allen Wicks - 04:42pm Mar 16, 2004 Pacific (#5 of 6)

    Don't try to make this a logical process where you just calculate the optimum, because it is not simplistic. You may (based on trial and error) need to use a smaller % allocation (e.g. 65-75%) to PS. Experiment and see what is best on your box.


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