Your mamma uses a walkman

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    Rejected iPod Engravings

    Date Created: 01/26/02
    Last Updated: 4/15/04
    By: J.LOVE, Goulash, and BernDog

    As you may know, you can order an iPod from the Apple Store with a custom, laser-engraved message. Apple has been rejecting some messages for editorial reasons. Think all these messages would make it past Apple's screening process?

    Scratch your balls, not my metal.
    Now you have two little white pocket rockets.
    10,000 Stolen Tunes Inside*
    Rip, Mix, Burn Down RIAA Headquarters*
    Powder and razor blade not included.*
    I Don't Do Windows
    "One time at band camp..."
    WARNING: Contains Yanni Box Set
    10,000 reasons to ignore my wife
    If only women's buttons were this easy to push.
    This iPod makes up for my small hard disk.
    Once you go small and white...
    "With my iPod, I'm guilty of the crime of having too much iFun!!!
    I last 8 hrs. You last 2 minutes. Who's the man?
    My iPod can beat up your honor roll student
    Your mamma uses a walkman.
    98% Liberace-free
    Size does matter
    Musically Disturbed
    Lick My Shiny Metal Ass*
    Weapons of Mass Distraction Inside ~wiredgargoyle
    Something Small and White Enrique Eglasias Isn't In.* ~wiredgargoyle
    Contents Under Pressure from the RIAA ~wiredgargoyle
    My other handheld is a PocketPC ~vostinar
    I play with myself.* ~leonardom
    CDs are for amish people! ~mustachioman
    Quarter free jukebox ~mustachioman
    WARNING: Do not put any form of muppet sing along's inside! ~stefan1234
    Warning: May cause people to listen to music for hours ~stefan1234
    FCUK WINDOWS ~lancew
    Steal this? Will self destruct when used.* ~Anonymous
    Why drink and drive, When you can smoke and fly. ~tipx

    *Actually rejected by during their free engraving promotion

    /// von

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